Rick Legg

A Folk-Rock/Americana Singer-Songwriter

A Folk-Rock/Americana Singer-Songwriter, Rick taught himself to play guitar on songs by folk/rock singer/songwriters like Gordon Lightfoot, Harry Chapin, Bob Dylan, John Denver, James Taylor, Peter, Paul and Mary, the Beatles, etc. Later, Rick also did some studies in music theory and guitar at the University of Michigan while majoring in Electrical Engineering there.

Rick’s singing and playing led to songwriting, and he began framing tales of life - both from personal experience or inspired by those whom he has met or learned of. From love and wedding songs, to compositions of tribute to those who are no longer with us - from songs of inspiration and celebration to songs of national pride, he composes and sings to tell stories or share ideas that give rise to thoughts and feelings in the minds and hearts of the listener.






Rick Legg